Create Page
Create Page for ScriptRunner Confluence
The Create Page add-on helps users to create pages in the right place, with the right template and correctly formatted page title.
Label Tools
Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence
Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence lets you automatically add or suggest labels for users to add to a page. This can help you to categorise pages in a space by a known set of labels. New features include an intuitive user experience for the choose label macro, and user configurable label variables.
Page Info
Page Info for ScriptRunner Confluence
The Page Info add-on allows you to display the various bits of information about pages and blog posts in Confluence that are usually hidden away. By combining macros together, you can show things like who created the page and when or the current version number and date it was last modified. It’s particularly useful when working with custom themes, like ThemeBuilder, or formal documentation.