Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence lets you automatically add or suggest labels which users can add to a page. This can help you to categorise pages in a space by a known set of labels. New features for the Choose Label macro include label suggestions based on the content of the page, and a user interface improvement that groups user provided and generated suggested labels on the dropdown list.

You can also view the Label Tools add-on on our Adaptavist website.


Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence v3.0.2 onwards requires ScriptRunner for Confluence to be installed first.


Compatible from Confluence v5.10.1 - v6.9.x


Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence is now part of ScriptRunner for Confluence.

If you are already using ScriptRunner for Confluence, simply install Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence from the marketplace.

If ScriptRunner for Confluence is not installed, you will need to buy a license for it to be able to use the new Label Tools add-on. It is possible to evaluate ScriptRunner for Confluence free for one month.

Add-on Licensing

Label Tools for ScriptRunner Confluence requires a paid license for ScriptRunner for Confluence. This can be evaluated for a period of one month for free.

Add-on Support

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where licensing was not working properly

For how-to questions please ask on Atlassian Answers where there is a very active community. Adaptavist staff are also likely to respond there.

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